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The major goal of this project is to design an automobile air conditioning system equipped with a 2 kW electric compressor that works by recovering waste heat from exhaust gases. In other words, we have converted the energy of the exhaust gases from exhaust manifold into electrical energy by linking the engine exhaust with the gas turbine to generate torque that is transmitted to the dynamo and thus generates a continuous electric current. The experimentation was done for a four-cylinder Kia carnival diesel engine. At speed engine 1600 rpm, the results showed that the engine efficiency improved through a decrease factor in several variables such as the rate of fuel consumption, the temperature of the exhaust gases, and the amount of heat released from the engine about 4.4%, 10.1% and 18%, respectively. The performance coefficient of the proposed cooling system, on the other hand, increased by 3.7%, according to the findings. We were able to develop a solution to the energy wasting concerns of the air conditioning system in a vehicle that uses the vapor compression cycle based on these findings.