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The utilization of recycled materials in asphalt mixtures has gained significant attention in recent years due to environmental and economic considerations. This study aims to assess the impact of recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) on the mechanical properties of hot mix asphalt (HMA) mixtures. The mechanical properties examined include Marshall stability, air voids, and flow. A comprehensive laboratory investigation was conducted, involving the preparation and testing of HMA specimens with four proportions of RCA (0%, 20%, 40%, and 60%). The results indicated that incorporating RCA into HMA mixtures had a noticeable effect on the mechanical properties. As the proportion of recycled concrete in the mixture increased, there was a linear increase in the optimal asphalt content, resulting in reduced stability, flow, and density, as well as an elevated presence of air voids. These findings provide valuable insights into the potential benefits and limitations of using RCA in HMA mixtures and can contribute to the development of sustainable and cost-effective pavement solutions