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Problem statement: Crisis management in tourist complexes can play a crucial role in increasing tourist attraction and mitigating damages resulting from natural hazards. The Jihad University Tourism Complex in Kermanshah is a tourist destination, and this study aims to present a crisis management model for this complex.

Question: What should be the crisis management model for the Jihad University Tourism Complex in Kermanshah?

Objective: This study aimed to propose a crisis management model for the Jihad University Tourism Complex in Kermanshah.

Methods: A questionnaire was used to collect research data. Approximately 50 individuals were selected as the research population and 33 individuals as the sample, considering the specified community characteristics.

Conclusion: The results revealed that the economic recession indicator, with a value of 70.2%, was the most important of the economic indicators in the opinion of the respondents. Analyzing pairwise comparisons of social indicators showed that social participation recorded the highest significance among social indicators (0.158), ranking first in social indicators' importance. Since environmental hazards are one of the most critical factors contributing to crises in any environment, vulnerability to earthquakes, according to respondents' opinions, obtained the highest importance among the examined physical-environmental indicators in the Kermanshah Tourism Complex.