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Geopolymers are kind of inorganic polymeric green materials, which are considered alternatives to some traditional cementitious materials. Geopolymerisation involves reaction between amount of solid materials rich of high reactive amorphous or semi-amorphous silica and alumina in the existence of alkaline medium (Na2O or K2O) to formulate tri-dimensional alumina-silicate polymeric strong network. The present research is targeting to review Geopolymer technology and the major barriers and limitations that impede the implementation and development of Geopolymer technology. The review based on the reports, statistics and the opinions of the construction industry stakeholders, in addition to the past literatures to assess the potential barriers. The results of the research showed number of substantial barriers that still exist. Parameters such as alkaline sources, variety in the Al-Si source materials and the mix design details are mainly the target of this review. These including substantial decrease in the produced amounts of main Geopolymer precursors such as pulverised fly ash (PFA) and slags in the next 10 years due to new regulations regarding the decrease of the greenhouse gas releases. Other barriers including the difficulties in the mix fabrication, efflorescence and the absence of the standards and specifications for this technology. Some novel solutions are suggested for future research interests.